Tucker Reveals Daytime DNC Activities

Fox News host Tucker Carlson opened Wednesday night’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” with several clips from the Democratic National Convention’s daytime activities which haven’t been covered on network television.

While the virtual convention’s prime time speeches have all been covered on the major news stations, Carlson mockingly contended that if they decided to “put the rest of their proceedings on TV” it would also “get an audience,” but for all the wrong reasons.

“You might not know this, but most of the actual convention events take place during daytime hours,” he said. “The networks don’t cover them. You have no idea that happened. There’s a reason for that, obviously. But what a loss for the viewing public. If you saw what they were saying during the day, you would never tune in to prime time again. In fact, you might flee the country.”

Over the next several minutes, the Fox News host played clips of various happenings including an alternate rendering of the Pledge of Allegiance that concluded with the word “someday” as well as participants being told they can “rise or kneel for the Pledge.”

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