DNC Deliberately Misconstructs Trump’s MS-13 Comments

It was a “falsehood,” it was a lie, it “wasn’t true,” and all the other strong and powerful things the media like to say when fact-checking some minor utterance of the president. Except this time, it was Democrats flat-out lying, and about something fairly substantial.

During the third night of the party’s national convention on Wednesday, a little Latina girl with an illegal immigrant mom told of how her mother was deported under the Trump administration (as if no one’s ever been deported under any other administration before, including the one Joe Biden served in).

The girl, no doubt, is upset about her mother, but that shouldn’t give Democrats producing the convention license to then show a video in the middle of her remarks that completely distorted comments President Trump has made about immigrants.

“These aren’t people … I don’t want them in our country … They’re animals,” Trump is seen saying in the chopped up clips.

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