McConnell Hits Democrats for Hardball Tactics

On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell targeted Democrats  for stonewalling getting pandemic relief to Americans, charging, “When the Speaker and the Democratic leaders say they won’t allow another dime for testing, treatments or vaccines unless they can bring home a massive tax cut for millionaires in San Francisco and New York City, they’re playing hardball against our nation’s ability to detect and fight the virus.”

McConnell began by slamming the mainstream media: “There’s been a lot of focus lately on the drama here in Washington. For weeks now, as leading Democrats have blocked more pandemic relief over unrelated liberal demands, the press has covered their stonewalling like any ordinary political stand-off. Who talked to whom? Who said what in which meeting? What new metaphor did Speaker Pelosi use today to explain she was blocking progress?”

“But it does the nation a disservice to act like the last several weeks were just another routine political stand-off,” he continued, “It does struggling families and laid-off workers and stressed-out school principals and health-care professionals a disservice to act like this is more Washington gridlock.”

Then McConnell ripped the praise the media has heaped on Democrats fpr playing “hardball”:

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