John Kasich Claims Conscience Made Him Endorse Biden

Former Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich told CNN Monday he “had to search my conscience” before agreeing to speak at next week’s Democratic National Convention in support of presumptive nominee Joe Biden.

CNN anchor Burnett disclosed that Kasich had written in then-Sen. John McCain’s name for president in 2016, “which is a far cry from actually supporting the Democratic candidate for president.

“You were anti-Trump but you were not taking that extra step. What changed?” she asked.

“Conscience, Erin,” Kasich responded. “The reason I didn’t support Trump the last time is I was afraid that he would be a divider and not a unifier — and our best leaders historically have been unifiers, Republicans and Democrats. But unfortunately, as I’ve watched him over the last three-and-a-half years now, he’s continued to do that and I don’t think the country does well when we’re divided.

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