Governor’s Coronavirus Test Was Wrong

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine found out he does not have coronavirus after missing President Trump’s visit to Cleveland.

DeWine, a Republican, announced that the coronavirus test he took just before he was set to meet with the president was a false positive. A more sensitive test revealed that neither the governor nor his wife, Fran, had the virus.

“In a second COVID-19 test administered today in Columbus, Governor Mike DeWine has tested negative for COVID-19. First Lady Fran DeWine and staff members have also all tested negative,” the governor tweeted.

DeWine, who had bowed out of his meeting with Trump in Cleveland, noted that he had tested positive for COVID-19 from an antigen test, which is a new test used to deliver results rapidly. His second and third tests were PCR tests that take longer to process but have higher accuracy because the test works by identifying “genetic material specific for the virus that causes COVID-19.”

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