Lisa Murkowski Makes 2020 Supreme Court Pledge

Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski won’t support a potential “double standard” for Senate Supreme Court confirmations.

With the 2020 general election only 91 days away, Senate Republicans are grappling with whether or not they would fill a vacancy on the high court. Some Republicans, such as Murkowski, feel the GOP should adhere to a 2016 precedent set by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, which prevented a Supreme Court confirmation during an election year.

“When Republicans held off Merrick Garland, it was because nine months prior to the election was too close. We needed to let people decide. And I agreed to do that. If we now say that months prior to the election is OK when nine months was not, that is a double standard, and I don’t believe we should do it,” Murkowski told the Hill this week. “So, I would not support it.”

Murkowski has repeatedly diverged from the consensuses among her Republican colleagues in the past, voting “present” during Trump nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation in 2018 and opposing his nomination earlier on. The Alaska senator also said earlier this summer that she is “struggling” with whether or not she will support Trump in the upcoming election.

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