Democrat Party Honors Indian Tribes That Tried to Defeat U.S.

The preamble to the Democratic Party’s draft platform formally honors a list of Native American tribes that resided on the land where its convention is being held—but neglects to acknowledge that many of these groups allied with the British and took up arms against the United States during the War of 1812.

The first page of the Democratic National Committee document begins by “acknowledg[ing] that we gather together to state our values on lands that have been stewarded through many centuries by the ancestors and descendants of Tribal Nations,” a reference to the party’s August convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The platform praises Native American communities that resided in the region, including the Chippewa, the Ho-Chunk Nation, and the Menominee Nation—groups that sided against the United States in the brutal 1812 conflict.

The language represents the leftward shift of the Democratic Party, which has voiced support for Native American sovereignty in its party credo over the past two decades but has not included a preamble honoring specific tribes at the top of the platform until this year.

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