Powerful Republican’s Supreme Court Vow Likely to Infuriate Trump

He first said this in 2016, then reiterated it in 2018, then reiterated it yet again for reporters yesterday. The McConnell standard for election-year vacancies is, of course, that they shouldn’t be filled if the presidency and the Senate majority are held by different parties. That’s not the case this year so it’s full speed ahead for Cocaine Mitch if any seats on the Court open up before November.

The Grassley standard is different. The Judiciary Committee shouldn’t hold hearings on a SCOTUS vacancy in an election year, period, he’s said. Those are strong words coming from a man who chaired the committee for many years. Two wrinkles, though. He’s not the chairman right now; Lindsey Graham is, and Graham has (belatedly) adopted the McConnell standard. Grassley has no control over what the Judiciary Committee does at the moment.

But he does get to cast a vote for confirmation, of course, as all senators do. That’s the second wrinkle. If McConnell and Graham defy his wishes and bring a confirmation vote to the Senate floor, would Grassley defy them in return by voting against the nominee?

Because if so, that’s a big, big deal.

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