Trump Secretary Facing Lawsuit

CaliforniaMichigan and three other states – plus the District of Columbia – are suing Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and her department, opposing what they say is a plan to take coronavirus relief funds away from K-12 public schools and divert the money to private schools.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel announced the lawsuit Tuesday. The three other states joining the suit are MaineNew Mexico and Wisconsin.

“Today’s announcement is about stopping the Trump administration’s latest effort to steal from working families to give it to the very privileged,” Becerra said, according to The Associated Press.

“Unfortunately, this most recent action by Secretary DeVos is really just another example in a long history of an administration that uses any and every opportunity available to tip the scales in favor of private schools at the great expense of our public schools,” Nessel said at a separate news conference, reported.

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