Trump Campaign Promises Historic Event

Trump 2020 campaign press communications director Erin Perrine teased on “The Daily Briefing” Friday that the president would deliver “what will be an iconic address in front of Mount Rushmore” to kick off the nation’s Independence Day celebrations.

“He is going to be able to celebrate America’s history — our founding and our Founders — in front of Mount Rushmore –” Perrine told host Kristin Fisher. “[He’ll honor] those who stood up in the face of tyranny to establish the greatest nation the world has ever known, [and] honor the men and women of the United States military who serve day in and day out to protect and bring freedom across the world and protect it here at home.

“And,” Perrine added, “he will talk about the high honor and distinction we all have as Americans and citizens of the United States. It’s going to be a beautiful speech at one of America’s most iconic locations.”

Fisher noted that Trump has been criticized for holding the Mount Rushmore event after South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem announced that social distancing guidelines would not be enforced.

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