Minorities Will Have Something to Say About Politician’s Behavior

Several liberal groups condemned former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper after photographs of the Democratic Senate candidate surfaced, showing him dressed as a Native American.

Hickenlooper was first blasted in a Sunday open letter from the Native American leaders who were outraged by his attendance at the One Shot Antelope Hunt in 2018, an annual event that uses many Native American stereotypes. At the event, winners sported headdresses, while those who lost were called “squaw” and forced to dress as female Native Americans as an ode to the derogatory term.

Hickenlooper was photographed in both outfits mocking Native American culture.

“Gov. Hickenlooper displayed an unacceptable lack of judgement in choosing to participate in this event, while disrespecting Indigenous women and appropriating traditional dress of Native peoples,” the group wrote.

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