Powerful Dem Trails AOC-Endorsed Candidate

Jamaal Bowman isn’t claiming victory just yet in his high-profile challenge of Congressman Eliot Engel, a 31-year-incumbent and chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, but Bowman has a strong early lead. 

He was ahead of Engel by 20 points late Tuesday night, though over half the precincts remained to be counted. In any case, his strong showing in New York’s 16th District is an encouraging sign for progressive Democrats, who helped recruit for and supported Bowman’s campaign in the months leading up to the primary. 

“Eliot Engel used to say he was a thorn in the side of Donald Trump, but you know what Donald Trump is more afraid of than anyone, anything else? A black man with power,” Bowman said in his primary night speech.

“If the results continue to bear out, and we get to Congress, it will be our job to hold Donald Trump accountable and to hold every politician accountable that continues to be beholden to corporate interests … and is not fighting for the poor and the working class in our country.”

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