Marco Rubio Aims to Declassify UFO Data

Senate Intelligence Chairman Marco Rubio just took a giant step towards government disclosure on unidentified flying objects — or what the government refers to as “unidentified aerial phenomena.”

Most UFOs turn out to be balloons, weather phenomena etc. But since at least the Second World War, some UFOs have been recorded by U.S. military sensors and witnesses that are not so easily explained. The government has held information about such UFOs closely in its possession since the 1940s.

As first outlined by Danny Silva, Rubio’s report, adjoined to the 2020-2021 Senate Intelligence Authorization act, instructs the Director of National Intelligence to produce an unclassified report on “Advanced Aerial Threats.” The report is to be delivered within 180 days of the 2021 act’s passage into law.

This measure has bipartisan support. The report notes it includes contributions from the committee’s Democratic minority, although it’s not clear how much — Vice Chairman Mark Warner’s spokesperson pointed me back me to Rubio’s team, which didn’t immediately respond. Still, the committee’s request should be understood as an effort to educate the public, rather than the committee itself, on this issue.

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