Republicans Consider Unusual Convention Method

After President Trump suddenly announced last week that the Republican National Convention wouldn’t be held in North Carolina, GOP leaders have been left scrambling to find a new site.

One possible solution is holding a multistate convention with major speeches and rallies in a number of different cities, according to NBC News.

“GOP officials are already on the ground in places like Orlando and Jacksonville, Florida; Nashville, Tennessee; Dallas; Phoenix; and New Orleans. They may also schedule scouting visits to Atlanta; Savannah, Georgia; and Las Vegas in the weeks to come,” NBC reported.

The convention, which will re-nominate the president as the 2020 Republican contender, is set to begin on Aug. 24. The four-day soiree is used to reward hard-core Republicans who have worked to drum up support for the party’s nominee. The conventions are typically held in massive arenas — all of which have been closed down due to COVID-19. But with the advent of Zoom and other platforms, perhaps the time has come for an online virtual convention.

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