Steve King Loses Primary

After nearly two decades in office, Steve King has been given an eviction notice to leave Iowa’s 4th congressional district.

Red flags had surrounded King for years, most notably and earliest in the literal form of a Confederate flag in his congressional office despite hailing from a state that had banned slavery by the time it entered the Union in 1846 and already enacted racial civil rights protections by the time it did so. Despite his Union heritage, King kept a Confederate flag in his office with little protest from national media until 2016.

In 2017, King claimed to want an America so ethnically homogenous “that we look a lot the same.” In 2018, he endorsed an alleged neo-Nazi in a mayoral election — in Canada. He’s peddled the white replacement conspiracy theory and met with white nationalist politicians from other nations, presenting Iowa Republicans with a moral choice.

Randy Feenstra, the Republican challenger backed by popular conservatives and pro-business organizations across the country, earned the overwhelming backing of the R+11 district. In addition to King’s moral failings, Feenstra pointed out that with King expelled from all his committee assignments, the district was being under-represented as long as he remained in office.

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