Fmr Presidential Advisor Wants You at Home Until January

Pulitzer-winning economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman wants you to stay at home until January. At least, that’s the only logical way his tweet on Saturday can be deciphered.

OK. Neera Tanden’s politics aside, she has always been personable when we’ve met previously. I feel bad for her and wish her a speedy and as painless-as-possible recovery. But Krugman’s argument isn’t ultimately about Tanden. It’s about the nation. And as I said, Krugman’s necessary extension is that we all remain home until a vaccine is viably shared across America.

There are a couple of problems here.

First, the expert opinion, both from scientists and policymakers leading the coronavirus fight, suggest that a vaccine will not be available for widespread use until December at the earliest. Most analysts believe it is far more likely that a vaccine won’t be rolled out for this use until January. One caveat here. Considering it views its people as slaves and feudal drones, and is relentlessly stealing vaccine information, China may rush its way to vaccinating its people before December, ignoring the risks in doing so. Regardless, it doesn’t seem credible to expect that a critical mass of U.S. citizens will be vaccinated before at least 2021. Krugman must know this.

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