House GOP Readies New China Probes

Members of a new House GOP task force on China are vowing their investigation will go beyond COVID-19 and include probes into a host of issues creating tensions between Washington and Beijing.

The fledgling task force — led by Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), the ranking member of the Foreign Affairs Committee — will look into topics ranging from supply chain and national security concerns to human rights violations and China’s growing influence on the world stage, in addition to early missteps with the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan.

Task force leaders have already discussed with a senior Trump administration official “how best to work together on this,” according to a senior staffer with knowledge of the talks. Panel members said they expect to receive classified briefings before publishing their findings in October, just before Election Day.

President Trump and his administration have made China a political punching bag in the 2020 campaign, particularly as the pandemic ravages the U.S. economy.

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