REPORT: AOC Still Owes Thousands in Unpaid Taxes

Despite wanting to raise taxes on Americans by as much as 70 percent, self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hasn’t paid a seven-year-old tax bill.

In 2012, AOC founded a publishing house to spreadhead an effort by local artisans to portray the Bronx in a positive light in children’s books. Yet her vision eventually crumbled. (New York Post)

As The Post previously reported, public records show the state dissolved the company in October 2016. The state can make such a move when a business fails to pay corporate taxes or file a return.

The state Tax Department then filed a warrant against her now-defunct business on July 6, 2017, over a $1,618.36 unpaid bill.

As of Friday, the tax warrant had still not been satisfied, and the outstanding balance had grown to $2,088.78, the department said.

“She just thinks she’s better than everyone else. Clearly, she’s worse,” Hank Sheinkopf, spokesman for AOC’s chief June primary-race opponent, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, told The Post.