John Brennan Ready for Durham Interview

The former CIA Director under President Barack Obama says he is willing to be interviewed by John Durham, the federal prosecutor investigating possible wrongdoing during the Trump-Russia inquiry.

Whether or not John Brennan has nothing to hide or this is an act of hubris remains to be seen. (

Brennan, speaking with MSNBC, said he has yet to be contacted by Durham but said he would appear for an interview with him and his team of investigators.

“I feel very good that my tenure at CIA and my time at the White House during the Obama administration … that I was not engaged in any type of wrongdoing or activities that cause me to worry about what this investigation may uncover,” Brennan said Friday. “So, I welcome the opportunity to talk with the investigators.”

He added: “I have nothing to hide. I have not yet been interviewed by any of those individuals involved in this matter but I’m willing to do so.”

Brennan went on to say that he believes “the American public have been misled by Donald Trump, by William Barr and others.”