Illinois Governor Outraged by Question on Family’s Whereabouts

Despite extending his state’s lockdown order last month until May 30, another Democratic Party official is having to explain allegations of lockdown hypocrisy on the part of his family.

In response, he’s embraced a cynical yet proven tactic: when questioned, attack. (Washington Examiner)

The Democratic governor of Illinois confirmed this week that his wife and daughter left the state before he issued a statewide lockdown order and traveled back recently.

“My wife and daughter were down in Florida in early March and, in fact, even a little before that, and you know, they sheltered in place when the stay-at-home order came up,” Gov. J.B. Pritzker said. “And they stayed there until very recently. So, you know, we’ll say, you know, we have a working farm. They’re there now. There are animals on that farm. That is an essential function to take care of animals at a farm.”

A journalist for Patch reported in April that, “Specifically, the first lady has been spending time at their $12-million equestrian estate in Wellington, just down the horse trail from Bruce Springsteen, Bill Gates and Billy Joel, the family purchased shortly after J.B. was elected governor last year.”

Pritzker said last month, his official duties as governor “have nothing to do with my family.”

The first-term governor went on to call questions into his family’s whereabouts reprehensible.