Trump Bets on ‘X’ Factor in Election

Democratic swing-state governors are struggling to contain GOP revolts over lockdown measures, a development President Trump is betting will work in his favor on Election Day.

Touring a medical supply manufacturing plant in Pennsylvania Thursday, Trump told Washington Examiner columnist Salena Zito that Tom Wolf, the Democratic governor facing GOP-led protests over the state’s restrictions, “is playing politics.”

“I see your capital. They have a lot of people up there protesting today. They have the Trump signs all over the place too, nothing to do with us,” Trump said. “Just like these crowds. That’s your poll, I mean, that’s your poll. You had to see this coming in, I wish you could have.”

Business owners in Pennsylvania, encouraged by legislators in GOP-led counties, have threatened to defy Wolf’s order to reopen the state only gradually. Trump has used the unrest to his advantage, tweeting during his visit to a medical supply plant in Allentown that “Pennsylvanians want their freedom now.”

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