China Has Created a Meat Shortage for America. One Congressman Can Stop It.

Just a few closures of meatpacking plants are putting the entire meat industry on the brink of collapse. “The sudden shift from restaurant dining to at-home eating, coupled with panic buying at grocery stores, is causing major disruption in the manufacturing, distribution and sales of food products. Dairy farmers are dumping excess raw milk, while meat companies are scrambling to meet demand,” USA Today reports.

Representative Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky), who happens to also raise cattle himself, has sounded the alarm for years that burdensome regulations need to go or American food supply chains will be in dire straits.

That crisis is here. The question is, will Congress act in time?

The PRIME Act stands for Processing Revival and Intrastate Meat Exemption Act. The proposed legislation lifts restrictions on over 1,000 mom-and-pop meat processing plants that are currently restricted from supplying restaurants, schools, hotels, and the like. Yes, you read that right. The American people are reliant on a handful of big businesses that have long-enjoyed significant advantages, thanks to regulatory bloat.

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