Vulnerable Democrat Doubles Down On Biden

Arizona Democrat Mark Kelly said Wednesday that he stands by his endorsement of Joe Biden despite growing scrutiny into a sexual assault allegation against Biden by Tara Reade, a former staffer in his Senate office.

“I think [Biden] has the right experience and has the leadership ability, what our country needs right now,” Kelly, who is running for the Senate, said during a radio interview on KTAR News. “So I’m gonna vote for him in November.”

Kelly said that while Biden’s accuser should have the opportunity to make her case and the allegation should be looked into, he remains committed to voting for Biden in November.

“I strongly believe that everybody deserves to be heard and needs to be heard and that these allegations should be looked into,” Kelly said. “You know, these are often very complicated issues and I think it’s really important that the person who’s making these allegations has an opportunity to state the case and then have it looked into.”

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