Trump’s UFO Comments Raise Eyebrows

President Trump was interviewed on the coronavirus crisis by Reuters on Wednesday. But he also offered an interesting quick take on the Navy’s official release this week of three videos showing U.S. Naval Aviators intercepting UFOs in 2004 and 2015.

“I just wonder if it’s real, that’s a hell of a video,” Trump said.

That might seem like a lighthearted comment designed to shut down further conversation. And it is. But Trump’s particular choice of words should pique our curiosity for other reasons.

First, he is reinforcing the fact that the U.S. military and intelligence communities cannot explain what these objects are. That is to say — the three objects in the three videos originally released in 2017 and only now officially by the Navy. Trump and certain members of the House and Senate Armed Services and Intelligence Committees, have been briefed on what is known about the objects. But those briefings center on the objects’ indicated capability and behavior patterns, not origin.

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