Team Biden May Have Already Seen Compromising Evidence

Operatives connected to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign have accessed his Senate records stored at the University of Delaware, which remain sealed from the public, according to a new report.

The revelation comes as Biden faces pressure to release some or all of the records to the public to search for information that corroborates or refutes Tara Reade’s allegations that Biden sexually assaulted and harassed her when she worked in his Senate office in 1993.

A University of Delaware spokeswoman told Business Insider that Biden campaign operatives accessed the archive in the spring of 2019 after he announced his candidacy on April 25, but stressed no one had accessed it since the university’s library closed in mid-March due to the coronavirus.

That would mean no operatives have accessed the archive since Reade went public with her allegations of sexual assault in late March but accessed it after Reade and several other women came forward with complaints of inappropriate touching from Biden shortly before he announced his presidential candidacy.

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