Congress May Return To Pass Key Bill

Via The Washington Examiner:

Lawmakers may return to Washington, D.C., this week to consider a massive spending measure that would replenish a small business aid program helping to prop up the economy during the coronavirus crisis.

Majority Leader Steny Hoyer informed House lawmakers they might be summoned back to Congress as early as April 22 to consider the measure, which is not finalized but is nearing completion, according to administration officials and congressional leaders in both parties. Hoyer told lawmakers “a recorded vote is likely,” which means a quorum of members must be in the House to vote on the bill. 

The House and Senate are not scheduled to return to the Capitol until May 4, but the extent of the economic damage caused by the coronavirus has drained a $350 billion program providing aid to small businesses shuttered by the outbreak. 

Democrats, Republicans, and the White House have been negotiating a new package to replenish the program. The new spending deal is worth about $400 billion, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told CNN on Sunday.