Trump Ally Hit With Accusation Of Abusing Taxpayer Funds

Via The Washington Examiner:

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer funds renting an office from a longtime friend and campaign donor. 

Both men separately told Politico that Gaetz, who spent nearly $200,000, paid below market rent. Gaetz later said he paid “at or below market rate” for the office space in a historic building in downtown Pensacola, Florida.

House rules prohibit such arrangements. The rules say that all leases for district offices must be “at fair market value as the result of a bona fide, arms-length, marketplace transaction. The Lessor and Lessee certify that the parties are not relatives nor have had, or continue to have, a professional or legal relationship (except as a landlord and tenant).” 

“Every member of Congress has relationships with their donors,” Gaetz said. “The question is whether or not those relationships are improper or illegal.”