Electronic Tracking Plan Divides Congress

Via The Washington Examiner:

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy sought Thursday to allay privacy concerns surrounding proposals to use mobile technology to trace people who are believed to have the coronavirus.

“I think every American is on board with the idea they want to protect their freedoms. There’s also opportunities here to use technology,” the California Republican told reporters during his weekly press briefing. “But contact tracing means somebody has the virus. Who have you seen before? Who can we warn ahead of time to get tested? Who can sit back and quarantine themselves for 14 days?”

He added, “There are many different ways to do it. There are ways that individuals can opt in if we want to use technology to notify others. I want to make sure we keep our freedom and at the same time keep our health, and there’s a way to provide both of them.” 

Contact tracing is a process of finding people with whom an individual with an infectious disease had contact. Google and Apple put forth a proposal for COVID-19 contact tracing by using cellphone signals from over 3 billion mobile devices, Wired reported.