House Dems Introduce Bill To Pay Wages

Via The Washington Examiner:

A group of House Democrats plan to introduce legislation that would cover 100% of most worker paychecks throughout the coronavirus outbreak.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal, a Washington Democrat and co-chairwoman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, announced the Paycheck Guarantee Act, which she said would provide “a federal paycheck” to workers, covering 100% of earnings up to $100,000.

“A federal paycheck guarantee is a real solution that matches the scale of the crisis. Mass unemployment is a policy choice. We can and should choose differently,” Jayapal said in a statement Friday. “A federal paycheck guarantee would stanch more layoffs and unemployment, and quickly and reliably deliver relief to workers. Workers would not be forced to apply for unemployment insurance, overwhelm that system and then have to once again find a job. Businesses of all sizes would be able to keep workers on payroll and benefits — and be able to quickly re-open — partially or fully, without having to rehire and retrain their workforce.”

Congress and President Trump last month enacted a $2.2 trillion measure providing $1,200 in direct cash payments and expanding unemployment insurance to four months with an additional stipend of $600 per month.