Civil Rights Leader Backs Dem Front Runner

Via The Washington Examiner:

Civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis announced his support for former Vice President Joe Biden in his fight to win the Democratic nomination and take on President Trump in November.

Lewis’s Tuesday endorsement of Biden was the latest in a show of support from African American lawmakers, demonstrating Biden’s support among the black community. Lewis is the 38th member of the Congressional Black Caucus to endorse Biden’s presidential bid.

“I read about Joe Biden when he became an elected official. I heard him speak. I met him,” Lewis told reporters on a Monday night conference call ahead of the announcement. “And he’s been a friend, a dear friend. He’s a man of courage, a man with a great conscience, a man of faith. He will be a great president. He will lead our country to a better place.”

In a video released by the Biden campaign, Lewis elaborated, “I know hatred when I see it. I have felt it. I’ve stared down the deepest and darkest forces in this nation. Over the past four years, I’ve seen the same kind of evil rear its head again.”