Wisconsin Primary Could Have Bad News For GOP

Via The Washington Examiner:

Joe Biden’s potential for a knockout win in the Wisconsin primary should add another worry for President Trump’s reelection campaign. 

Recent polls show the former vice president leading Bernie Sanders by nearly 30 points, a dramatic reversal from six weeks ago which had the Vermont senator up by double digits. Biden’s surge is so dramatic that his support in the state has quadrupled since February. 

Barring any dramatic changes, Biden is well positioned to replicate his Michigan performance in the neighboring state. In March, Biden won the Michigan primary by 17 points, with 53% of the vote. And that was in a state where Sanders in 2016 beat the eventual Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. 

In this year’s Michigan primary, Biden came far ahead in crucial demographics such as suburban women and working-class men — two groups of voters Democrats need to win in a general election to unseat Trump.