Ted Cruz Slams Top American Rival

Via The Washington Examiner:

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz lashed out at leaders in China who he said had attempted to hold the United States “captive” by threatening to cut off much-needed medical supplies to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

During an interview with Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo on Wednesday morning, Cruz said the measures taken by the Chinese government showed not only a lack of transparencyregarding the spread of the disease but also an intent to strain the U.S. pharmaceutical industry, which relies on manufacturing from the Asian superpower.

“The Chinese government has explicitly threatened … cutting off life-saving medicines to America as a tool of economic warfare,” Cruz said.

The U.S. intelligence community believes the Chinese Communist Party is covering up the true scale of the coronavirus outbreak inside the country, where the deadly COVID-19 pandemic originated. A classified report said Beijing had underreported total cases and deaths associated with the disease, according to three U.S. officials cited by Bloomberg. One of those unnamed officials said the White House received the report last week.