Obama Vets Blast Biden For Failing Strategy

Via The Washington Examiner:

Veterans of former President Barack Obama’s campaigns and administration are not impressed with how Joe Biden’s campaign is adjusting to a digital format while the coronavirus pandemickeeps him from traditional campaign activities indefinitely. 

Biden on Monday emerged from his Wilmington, Delaware, basement and onto computer screens with a live address delivered in a new studio build in his home. It showed that the campaign still has many technical and stylistic kinks to work out. 

“There are things he could do. You can do things that are more interesting than giving poorly produced quasi-presidential speeches,” David Axelrod, chief strategist on Obama’s 2008 campaign, told the Washington Post

Jon Favreau, a Pod Save America co-host and Obama administration alumnus, criticized the campaign’s decision to have Biden deliver scripted remarks in his livestream. At one point in his first livestream, Biden waved his hand at whoever was operating the script and awkwardly moved to another point in his remarks.