Graham Proposes BIG SURPRISE For Fellow Senators

Via The Washington Examiner:

Sen. Lindsey Graham said “there is no good reason” why Congress shouldn’t quickly pass a coronavirus relief bill and that they should be punished by the American people if they fail to do so. 

The South Carolina Republican appeared Tuesday evening on Fox News to assert that the relief bill is a crucial measure that should bridge partisan divides. He said “special-interest politics” are what is holding up the passage of the bill. 

“There is no good reason left to deny the American people the relief they need,” Graham said. “Every restaurant and bar in South Carolina is closed. As long as you can’t congregate with 10 people or more, the entire economy is shut down. So, people need a paycheck.” 

“They need to have burdens taken off them; their student loan payments deferred. There are so many good things in this bill, there’s $2 trillion. It is very generous,” he continued. “It’s very generous, and what’s holding this bill up is special-interest politics and if in the next 48 hours we do not pass this bill, everybody in the country should cut off our pay.”