Sanders Wins Tiny Primary Victory

Via The Washington Examiner:

Bernie Sanders got a small win and glimmer of hope for his flailing Democratic presidential campaign with a primary win among Democrats living outside the United States. 

The Vermont senator won about 58% of the vote in the Democrats Abroad contest while former Vice President Joe Biden won 23%, and other candidates who are no longer in the race did not meet the 15% threshold to earn delegates. Sanders earned nine pledged nominating delegates to the Democratic National Convention from the contest, and Biden earned four. 

The win, however, will do little to help Sanders catch up to Biden’s lead. According to the Associated Press, Biden has 1,201 pledged delegates while Sanders has 896, and a candidate needs 1,991 delegates to win on the first ballot at the Democratic national convention. 

Nearly 40,000 Americans living outside the U.S. voted in 10 poll locations around the globe and through electronic ballots from March 3 to March 10. Voters in 180 countries cast ballots, with the most popular countries being the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, France, and Mexico.