Former Congressman Sentenced To Prison

Via The Washington Examiner:

A federal judge sentenced former Rep. Duncan Hunter to 11 months in prison for illegal misuse of campaign funds. 

The California Republican had pleaded guilty to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds on personal expenses. His lavish misuse of the campaign dollars included a $462 bill for a friend’s bachelor party, $704 worth of tickets to see How the Grinch Stole Christmas at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego, and $1,528 in video games.

Prosecutors had requested a 14-month prison sentence, but Hunter’s defense argued that it should be limited to 11 months of in-home confinement. In a letter, Hunter’s former Democratic colleague, Rep. Juan Vargas, called on the court to consider Hunter’s military service when issuing the sentence, writing, “Mr. Hunter needs special counseling and treatment after fighting our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

The former congressman entered his guilty plea in December but refused to leave office until he officially resigned in January. He has been accused of remaining in office until January in order to add one more year of eligibility to his congressional pension, something Sen. Thom Tillis is hoping to squash with a bill to bar felon lawmakers from collecting from Congress’s pension fund.