Ted Cruz Extends Self Quarantine After Major Revelation

Via The Washington Examiner:

Just when Sen. Ted Cruz thought he was wrapping up his self-quarantine, he found out he came in contact with a Spanish government official who had coronavirus.

The Texas Republican announced on Friday he would be extending his self-quarantine because of a meeting with Spain’s Vox Party leader Santiago Abascal on March 3. Abascal tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday. Cruz told CBS News he was not concerned about his health but wanted to be as cautious as possible to not spread the disease. 

“I’m consulting with medical authorities as I did the first time, but my intention is simply to extend the self-quarantine to March 17, which is a full 14 days from the interaction,” Cruz explained. “I remain strong and healthy and have no symptoms, and based on the medical advice I’ve received, there’s very little reason to be concerned.”

He added, “But given the gravity of this health crisis, it is also wise to be prudent, and when you’ve encountered people who have tested positive, the best way to prevent the spread of this disease is social distancing and preventing unnecessary potential transmission.”