Biden Switches Campaign Strategy Over Virus Fears

Via The Washington Examiner:

The coronavirus pandemic is providing a political boost to Joe Biden, enabling him to avoid campaign rallies and other public gatherings where he is prone to verbal miscues that could hamper his bid to oust President Trump.

To reduce the spread of COVID-19, candidates in both parties have canceled public gatheringsfor the foreseeable future, replacing them with virtual events. The unusual development allows Biden to avoid traditional campaign rallies and town hall meetings, where he has occasionally faced hecklers, made news for sparse attendance, gotten into angry arguments with attendees, or obscured his message with headline-grabbing gaffes. Biden is often at his best in controlled settings, and that could pay dividends against Trump if the coronavirus crisis persists.

“Biden’s style — his strengths — are better, are more effective in environments that aren’t rallies,” veteran Democratic operative Joe Trippi said Thursday. “The fact that he’s not going to have to operate in that environment probably benefits him.”

Democratic strategists say virtual campaigning will help Biden, conceding he might have trouble matching the energy of Trump’s campaign and defending against the president’s potent, asymmetrical attacks. Recently, the hits have consisted of questioning Biden’s mental acuity.