Suburban Voters Reveal Shocking Preference On Key Issue

Via The Washington Examiner:

Democrats hold key advantages over Republicans in suburban battlegrounds as the November elections approach, according to new polling by a GOP-friendly group. 

The survey, conducted for political nonprofit organization N2America and shared with the Washington Examiner, revealed that suburban voters prefer Democrats over Republicans by 20 percentage points on healthcare, an issue they rank higher than the economy, and by more than 15 points on prescription drug pricing. 

Suburban demographics also portend challenges for President Trump and down-ticket Republicans this fall, with 65% claiming a bachelor’s degree or higher. This voting bloc fueled the Democratic wave in the 2018 midterm elections and has since continued to drift from the GOP.

But the N2America poll, produced by the GOP firm Echelon Insights, also held good news for Republicans. Suburban voters said the GOP does a better job than Democrats on the economy by an 18-point margin. The GOP was plus-19 over Democrats on national security. Sixty-seven percent of suburban voters said they were either “very” or “somewhat” confident about their personal financial situation.