Jill Stein Gives Warning About Dem Frontrunner

Via The Washington Examiner:

Former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein said that Democrats are in for an “agonizing 8 months” if they nominate former Vice President Joe Biden as their candidate for the White House.

Stein, who graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1979, warned Democrats that Biden might flounder on the campaign trail because of his “obvious cognitive decline.” The 77-year-old former vice president has experienced a series of mental flubs throughout primary, such as his recent botched attempt at reciting lines from the Declaration of Independence.

“Biden’s lies & record are bad enough, but the biggest risk is his obvious cognitive decline,” Stein said in a tweet on Saturday. “He said he’s running for Senate, confused wife & sister, forgot Obama’s name etc. This isn’t going away. If Dems close their eyes & keep pushing Joe, it’ll be an agonizing 8 months ahead.”

President Trump has already taken shots at Biden’s mental acuity. At a March 2 rally, Trump joked that if Biden were elected president, he would spend his term in a “home, and other people are going to be running the country.”