Sanders Supporter Suffers UNHINGED Meltdown

Via The Washington Examiner:

Cenk Uygur, the co-founder of the Young Turks, went ballistic on his YouTube show following Sen. Bernie Sanders’s poor performance on Super Tuesday. 

“Now, it’s not over. Now, we’re in a tie,” Uygur said as early results came in for Super Tuesday, in which he lost his left-wing bid to take the seat vacated by former California Rep. Katie Hill. “And now, we got absolute, dig-in warfare against the establishment. But we didn’t start the war.” 

The host raised his voice as he spoke about the establishment Democrats and how they “lie” about Sanders. 

“God damn it, tell the truth, god damn it, tell the truth,” he shouted. “You wanna go to war, we’ll go to war. And that is what this is. We cannot let Biden win.”