K Street Rallies To Struggling Front Runner

Via The Washington Examiner:

Did you hear about Joe Biden’s slew of recent bipartisan endorsements from former U.S. senators of all ideological stripes?

California liberal Barbara Boxer, Arkansas centrist Democrat Blanche Lincoln, five-term Republican Sen. John Warner, and former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid all endorsed Biden in the aftermath of his South Carolina win. It’s a geographically and ideologically diverse crew lining up behind Biden, or so it seems.

From another perspective, though, it’s just the K-Street gang, lining up behind K Street-connected Joe Biden and against the socialist guy.

Blanche Lincoln runs her own lobbying firm, and her endorsement of Biden should be understood in that light. Her clients include Pfizer, Comcast, the National Association of Chain Drug Stores, and plenty of others. Pfizer has every reason to oppose Bernie Sanders, and as of today, that means supporting Joe Biden.