Sanders Eyeing Deep Red State For Primary Win

Via The Washington Examiner:

One of the most politically conservative states in the country is ripe to give Bernie Sanders another blowout primary victory. 

Utah, where in the 2016 Democratic primary Hillary Clinton got just 27.46%, is potentially one of the most friendly contests to the senator on Super Tuesday, aside from his home state of Vermont. 

Although its substantial Mormon population means Utah isn’t exactly viewed as a bastion of progressivism, its state capital city of Salt Lake City boasts a long history of electing Democrats as mayor; every election cycle since 1976, in fact. 

In a state where nine cities outlaw the sale of alcohol and you can’t buy a lottery ticket anywhere, Salt Lake City shares much more in common with San Francisco or Seattle than the heavily Republican areas of far-north and southern Utah. Over half the state’s 350 bars reside in the city and its surrounding areas. In 2010, for example, the city passed an ordinance banning discrimination against anyone’s religion or sexual orientation.