Biden Demands Socialist Disown Vicious Attacks By Supporters

Via The Washington Examiner:

2020 Democrat Joe Biden doesn’t think fellow White House contender Bernie Sanders has done enough to distance himself from “outrageous” attacks from his supporters on the leaders of the Nevada Culinary Workers Union.

Speaking with Meet the Press’s Chuck Todd on Sunday, the former vice president weighed in on the reaction of Sanders’s supporters to criticism from the massive Nevada union. Last week, the powerful union rejected the Vermont senator’s Medicare for All plan. Afterward, some of his supporters “viciously attacked” union leaders in response.

While Sanders slammed his supporters’ behavior as “unacceptable,” Biden doesn’t think he went far enough to condemn them.

“He may not be responsible for it, but he has some accountability,” the Delaware Democrat said. “You know me well enough to know if any of my supporters did that, I’d disown them. Flat disown them. The stuff that was said online, the way they threatened these two women, who are leaders in that Culinary Union, it is outrageous.