Biden Granddaughter Attacks Former Ally’s Top Aide

Via The Washington Examiner:

Joe Biden’s granddaughter snapped at David Axelrod for expressing surprise at the former vice president’s poor showing in the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary.

“Who would have predicted that @joeBiden and @ewarren would leave N.H. without a single delegate?” Axelrod, a CNN commentator who was a top White House aide and campaign strategist for former President Barack Obama, said in a tweet Tuesday night.

With 89% of precincts reporting results from the primary Wednesday morning, Biden is in fifth place with 8.4% of the vote while Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is in fourth with 9.3%, both below the 15% nominating threshold to earn delegates at the Democratic National Convention.

“Disingenuous – you’ve been predicting his demise & doubting his resilience since beginning,” Naomi Biden tweeted in response to Axelrod. “There’s a difference between being entitled to an opinion & relishing a platform to disparage AND between journalism & being a jerk with a microphone. Up next ‘who’d of thought he’d win’.”