Voters Report Dem Darkhorse Suddenly Plausible As Candidate

As the Washington Examiner reports:

He is riding high on momentum throughout New Hampshire ahead of the Feb. 11 Democratic primary: brushing off new attacks from his rivals, bombarding the airwaves, surging in the polls, and drawing large crowds.

Voters who were unsure of his chances before now look to him after his top placing in the Iowa caucuses and think that the 38-year-old gay veteran and former South Bend, Indiana, mayor could be a plausible Democratic presidential nominee.

“Even though he doesn’t have the support of minorities as much, [he] can probably reach more disaffected Republicans, I’m hoping,” said attorney Andrea Davulis, 37, at a Buttigieg event in Dover, New Hampshire, on Sunday. “I want to be progressive, and I want to be like, Elizabeth Warren — you know? Bernie Bro or whatever. But I think Pete has more electability, and I’m beyond Biden.”

Joe Biden, 77, scrambling after a fourth-place finish in Iowa, unloaded on Buttigieg with a snarky, negative ad on Saturday that compared his mere mayoral experience to that of the former vice president and 36-year Delaware senator.