Nevertrump RINOS DESTROYED In Iowa Caucus

As The Washington Examiner reports:

AMES, Iowa — For six months, some of President Trump’s most implacable foes have invested great hope in two Republicans, former Rep. Joe Walsh and former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld, who are challenging the president for the GOP nomination. Could they do some damage to Trump’s reelection prospects?

Tonight, in Iowa, that hope was put to a first test. It failed.

In the state’s Republican caucuses — yes, there were Republican caucuses, even though the competitive Democratic caucuses received all the attention — the Walsh and Weld candidacies fizzled.

In the end, Trump won 97.16% of the vote, to Walsh’s 1.08% and Weld’s 1.27%. Others, write-ins of various people, totaled 0.47%. It was a striking show of strength for the president.