House Dems Announce MASSIVE New Infrastructure Bill

Via The Washington Examiner:

House Democrats on Wednesday unveiled a $760 billion five-year plan aimed at rebuilding U.S. infrastructure.

The plan does not contain the legislative details to become law, but it serves as a guide for the House committees that will advance legislation affecting the country’s highways, airports, and waterways.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California said that the plan, dubbed the “Moving Forward Framework,” is “just one part of what we will have” when it comes to infrastructure. Other projects will focus on housing, education, and construction.

How to pay for the infrastructure plan has not been determined. Rep. Richard Neal of Massachusetts, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, mentioned that last spring, President Trump pegged infrastructure projects totaling $2 trillion. Neal said that number seemed to be in the ballpark, but he said, “We will not volunteer a revenue stream until the administration” is on board.