Biden Supporters Worried Over Candidates Ability To Withstand Blows From Trump

Via The Washington Examiner:

The former vice president has for weeks faced demands by GOP senators that if Trump administration officials have to testify, so should he, and possibly his son, Hunter Biden, who worked for a Ukrainian natural gas company while his father oversaw U.S. policy toward that country. Trump’s allies continue to repeat conspiracy theories that Joe Biden leveraged his position as vice president to help his son’s interests.

Biden, 77, has tried to spin the attacks into a positive and proof that he is the strongest candidate to take on Trump.

“I’m wondering why he doesn’t want to run against me. What do you think?” Biden said in Salem, New Hampshire, on Saturday. The crowd of more than 300 laughed.

Undecided voters, however, are not convinced that Biden will be able to withstand a barrage of attacks from Trump in a general election. The memory of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy being derailed by Trump’s unpredictable tactics in 2016 is still fresh, and Republican fixation on the Bidens through the impeachment trial amplifies his vulnerabilities.