Ex-Senator Claims Dem Could Comprise National Security During Impeachment

Via American Action News:

A former lawmaker expects one of the Senate Democrats to speak out about a classified letter from an aide to Vice President Mike Pence that has become part of the impeachment fight.

Claire McCaskill, who was a Democratic senator from Missouri from 2007 to 2019, told an MSNBC panel that her former colleagues are frustrated by the concealment of the document, which was admitted as impeachment evidence on Wednesday. McCaskill said their frustration could lead to a “risky” disclosure because they believe it was improperly classified.

“Senators, if they go to a classified briefing or they look at a classified document and they are confident that it is not, it should not be classified, they can speak out and tell people about it,” McCaskill said.

After host Rachel Maddow suggested that a senator could risk this and talk about what is in the letter on TV, McCaskill said, “Their staff will probably go crazy and go, ‘Don’t you dare. This is way too risky.’ But I’m willing to bet with the stakes involved here that if there’s something important in that document and it’s not legitimately classified, somebody will in fact speak about it.”